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This hair serum is specially formulated for extremely dry, dull brittle, rough and lifeless looking hair. It is blended with a super hydrating formula of virgin oil, coconut oil, castor oil and sesame seed oil.

This intensive serum is especially made for people who have weak, thinning, shedding and hair-fall/loss problems due to stress, unhealthy driest, hair dyes/colors, chemical treatments or overheating.

This hair serum is especially formulated as first aid/ emergency care to repair and restore fragile, weak hair that has been damaged by environmental factors, cheap shampoos, hair dyes, chemical treatments and over heating.


A highly potent hair serum exclusively formulated to boost growth of fine, thin and slow-growing hair. It is made with natural avocado protein, wheat germ oil and keratin.

Helps remove stubborn, continuous dandruff problems. It is made with cider vinegar, tea tree, lime juice, cactus and zinc, ingredients that are very helpful removing the toughest dandruff.